How To Switch to Kaplan Payroll Services

Kaplan Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Step 1 – Contact Kaplan Payroll Services

Setup a free consultation to discuss procedures and rates, either by a phone call at 732-859-0669 or email:

Step 2 -Determine a start date with Kaplan Payroll Services

The start date must be at least 10 business days before first payroll run. The best time to switch would be end of a Quarter or end of year. If one of those time frames doesn’t work for you, end of a pay period would be fine. Call Kaplan Payroll Services to discuss start date at 732-859-0669.


Step 3- Start Cancellation Process

Start the cancellation process with your existing payroll company. Provide them with Kaplan Payroll Services contact information so they can send over your payroll details.


Step 4 – Direct Deposit Signup

If all employees are not using Direct Deposit, now is the time to try to have them sign up for it. There isn’t any charge for Direct Deposit but there are check fees. It is in your best interest to have all employees be direct deposit. Maybe offer them an incentive to switch to direct deposit!      Make sure all W-4s are current.


Step 5 – Setup Your Company

Contact Kaplan Payroll Services for appointment to setup your company and employees at 732-859-0669 or email

Step 6 – Submit payroll

Enter your employees' weekly hours online or send hours by email for us to handle running the payroll.